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The steering oil tube and wire harness are arranged independently
Product Feature

(1) Design Standards: Designed by well-known European port machiner company(harbor machinery company), the truck is synchronized with the technical level of same period European product. The truck with higher security not only meets national standards but also EU standards (EN1459;ISO15018).

(2) Drivelines: Volvo Power meeting national emission standard level 3 (EU3) is assembled on the truck. This model possesses strong drive power and good weather-resistance.

(3) Transmission: The model is assembled with originally imported ZF transmission with smooth and high efficient gear shifting.

(4) Drive axle: The truck is assembled with originally imported Kessler axle with wet disc brakes specially designed for heavy trucks, meeting continuous operation in poor working conditions and maintenance-free requirements.

(5) Hydraulic system:

American Parker’s constant-power-variable-displacement hydraulic system with high efficiency and fuel economy is assembled on the truck. The innovative design of self-cleaning hydraulic cooling system extends the interval between oil changes and reduces the total cost of the machine ownership. Advanced techniques such as load sensing, dual pump converging, and small flow under high pressure are applied to save energy and reduce the cost.

(6) Electronic controlling system: We choose the CAN-bus system from 3B6 (Italia), which can display various information in both Chinese and English on a 6.5inch color screen, including the weight of cargo, the immediate length and angle of the boom, LMI, anti-rollover, buffer limit, vertical lift, the quantity of containers, etc. The information is displayed automatically without inputting any orders.

(7) High strength structure components:  Heavy-duty box-type chassis makes the foundation of long-lasting high performance.

The main parameter
RSH4528-VO2 RSH4532-VO2 RSH4536-VO2

RSH4528-CU RSH4532-CU RSH4536-CU
Lifting capacity LC1/LC2/LC3 Kg 45000/28000/14000 45000/32000/16000 45000/36000/19000
Load center LC1/LC2/LC3 mm 1800/3850/6400 1800/3850/6400 1800/3850/6400
Lifting height at LC1 mm 15050
Spreader Sideshift mm +800~-800

Rotation ° -95~+185
Turning radius mm 8590
Boom angle deg 60
Length mm 11670
Width mm 4060
Transmission (gears forward/reverse)
DANA TE27(4/4)
Driving axle
Driving brake system, type
Wet disc brakes
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With other attachments of fork lift trucks, they can be used for the handling of the bulk goods and unpackaged goods.
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