Empower the World! Heli Released New Products at 2021 World Manufacturing Convention.

2021 World Manufacturing Convention kicked off in Hefei, China on November 19. This convention is themed "innovation-driven, digitally empowered: global manufacturing industry aligned for high-quality growth”. Heli, with its upgraded brand image, officially announced the launch of the full range of 1-46 tons IC trucks and the new generation of lithium battery products on the first day of the convention.

At the new product announcement, Yang Anguo, the Chairman of Heli delivered a speech: in the future development planning, Heli would further focus on the R&D and investment of electrification, systematization and intelligence; accelerate innovation-driven development and gradually build a new ecosystem. Heli would also reinforce four industry pillars: vehicles components, post-market and intelligent logistics; and speed up the pace of high-quality development.

On this event, Heli products focused on intelligence, new energy and system integration. Heli brought newly developed internal combustion forklifts, AGV system and lithium electric forklifts to the conference. Zhou Qiqi, deputy chief engineer of Heli, introduced high-voltage lithium electric forklifts in detail.

Heli K2 series high-voltage lithium electric forklifts started to be mass-marketed. The forklifts have surpassed the mainstream internal combustion ones in terms of safety and power performance, such as lifting speed, driving speed, climbing ability and longitudinal stability. Moreover, K2 series are more economical in comprehensive use cost.

"Innovation-driven, digitally empowered” was reflected in the exhibition area of Heli as it showcased the latest intelligent logistics system solutions. AGV products simulated on-site intelligent storage environment and automatically complete the storage, transfer and dispatch of goods. In recent years, Heli has realized the leap from equipment supplier to system integrator, and then to one-stop solution provider of intelligent logistics system, leading the development of intelligence and network in logistics and handling industry.

The conference showed that Heli implemented the five development concepts. It also demonstrated Heli’s comprehensive strength of actively constructing and developing new ecosystem and enabling the rapid development of industrial ecology. Heli, as the outstanding representative of Chinese industrial enterprises and the drafting maker of global industrial vehicle standards, always adheres to the global vision and accelerates the pace of globalization development with innovation.

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