1.4T CDD14-930

Electronic power steering system, light and low noise

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The steering oil tube and wire harness are arranged independently
Product Feature

Configuration and performance
Electronic power steering system, light and low noise; Two-way magnetic value, three drop speed mode;Drive unit floating bodies with patent design;AC driving system, no carbon brush, maintenance free;USA Curtis driving controller;Electromagnetic, regenerative braking system;Automatic lifting limit, proximity switch , long life.

Curve automatic deceleration devices, more safe;Vehicle decelerates automatically at higher position;Stepless speed control system, safe and quiet;Controller with Multiple automatic protection;Emergency reversing device/Emergency brake switch;High position automatic reduction device


The main parameter
Model unit CDD14 CDD14
Configuration number
930 980
Fork over
Mast type
Standard 2-Stage Full free 2-Stage
Operator type
Walkie / Stand on
Load Capacity kg 1400 1400
Load Center mm 600 600
Standard lift height mm 1400/2000/2500/3000/3300/3600/4000 2500/3000/3300
Fork size(length/width/thickness) mm 1150(1220)/185/55 1150(1220)/185/55
Overall length mm 2050/2470 2050/2470
Overall width mm 856 856
Drive motor KW AC1.5 AC1.5
Lift motor KW DC3 DC3
Steering motor KW DC0.15 DC0.15
Battery (voltage/capacity) V/Ah 24/280 24/280
Dealer Network
With other attachments of fork lift trucks, they can be used for the handling of the bulk goods and unpackaged goods.
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