G2 series 1.5-1.8T

G2 Series 1.5-1.8t G2 Series Electric Reach Truck (Stand-on Type)


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The steering oil tube and wire harness are arranged independently
Product Feature

Three phase AC type motor technology

Three phase AC type motor control on travelling,lifting and steering;Good acceleration;Fast and sensitive respond on travel direction shifting;Free from maintenance motor without carbon brush having long service life and low maintenance cost;Energy regenerating during deceleration extending operation hours.

Newly designed hydraulic system
Newly designed hydraulic system with high working efficiency;High power lifting motor;MOSTET lifting speed governing electric controller;New type low noisy gear pump,high efficiency and long life;Max. lifting speed without load 22% increased;Max. lifting speed with load 19% increased.

Optimized intelligent design
CAN bus technology;Parking brake on slope;Operation sequence protection;Travelling speed control
;Lifting speed control;Electric controller self protection;Dead-man footswitch traction interlock.

Advanced EPS electric powered steering
EPS electric powered steering offering easy,flexible,high efficient and mute operation;Steering motor controller;Automatic centering function;Automatic limit on speed and accelerated speed when steering.

Easy operated thumb switch
To control travelling functions;Clear operating units.

Five independent braking systems
Automatic braking when accelerator lever is released;Emergency brake activated by releasing foot switch;Parking brake activated by pressing button on the panel;Automatic hold-on brake;Emergency isolator.

High quality meter displaying important operating data;180º steering angle position display;Display of battery power and fault code;Travelling mode selection;Lifting lock indication;Hour meter;Labor hour display.

Wide view mast
Good view when loaded;Integral sideshifter;High residual load capacity at high lift height;Buffering on lifting limit;Buffering on mast moving forward and backward limit;Lift height range:2000-6500mm.

Overhead guard
Overhead guard support for improved operator protection and enhanced visibility to the load;Fence on top of the overhead guard offering driver wide view;Beveled view angle design with front ring beam meeting humanized requirements.

Comfort cab
The driver's body is fully protected within the truck contours;Padded waist,head and arm supports;Easy reach to important operation

The main parameter
Dealer Network
With other attachments of fork lift trucks, they can be used for the handling of the bulk goods and unpackaged goods.
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