HELI 2023 Middle East Service Training Boosts Excellence

HELI MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA 2023 AFTERMARKET SERVICE TRAINING CONFERENCE kicked off with grandeur in the Middle East on November 20, 2023.

This training session follows a series of regional distributor conferences and the successful "Quality Journey" organized by the Heli Middle East Fzco. The primary participants in this training are aftermarket managers from key markets, aimed at enhancing their service capabilities. The training team comprises seasoned experts and directors from the factory's Quality Department, Electric Vehicle Research Institute, New Technology Research Institute, as well as overseas service experts from engine manufacturers. 

With meticulous preparation over several months, the training content is rich and diverse. The theoretical knowledge will assist distributors in better understanding the technical features and performance of HELI products, while the practical sessions will enable them to directly apply what they have learned, elevating their professional standards in aftermarket services.

Through high-quality training, the company aims to empower distributors, fostering their ability to act as strong advocates for the HELI brand in their respective local markets.

The commitment of the Middle East Company is evident globally as it actively fulfills its promise. By organizing training and support activities, the company equips overseas distributors with the necessary tools and knowledge to become formidable promoters of the HELI brand in their local markets. This training session once again demonstrates the company's dedication to building a premier brand and enhancing the quality of its products and services.

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