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HELI & Kollmorgen together

Date : 2016-12-01 Views : 2622

On Nov.22.2016, HELI enters into a strategic co-operation agreement with Kollmorgen to exploit opportunities surrounding intelligent logistics machines. The agreement was signed at Bauma China 2016.  





Founded in 1958, HELI has been ranked in the top eight manufacturers of forklifts in the world and has retained the number one position in China for 25 years. 

Kollmorgen is a leading supplier of motion control systems and has deep practical knowledge of electromagnetic theory and controls. Its customers are leaders and innovators in many industries such as aerospace and defence; printing, packaging and converting; food and beverage processing; medical imaging and laboratory automation. Kollmorgen is also a leader in warehouse automation, including complete AGV systems, software, awareness and autonomy. 
HELI’s range includes more than 1,700 models and 500 types of products. All these products have world leading comprehensive product performance. Significant achievement has been obtained by HELI in terms of industrial vehicle intelligent, new energy, hybrid power technology and other innovations.


                                HELI's AGV display at Bauma


HELI intelligent logistics system which adopts scientific and advanced methods and take advantage of AGV,PDA and software systems improve productivity and management level through scientific storage, intelligent picking, automatic transporting, systematic forewarning and visual management. HELI intelligent logistics system is mainly made up of AGV host system, AGV dispatching system, AGV control system, AGV navigation system and AGV communication network. The host system sends order, dispatching system assigns and monitors order, control system carries out work and navigation device and communication network supply system normal working environment.
Through its partnership with Kollmorgen, HELI plans to create a first-class intelligent logistics system, combining logistics automation and security (to deliver) unmanned handling logistics management, improved working efficiency and reducing the logistics cycle. The customers will benefit by reducing labor costs and overall transportation costs.
The co-operation between HELI and Kollmorgen will open up even brighter prospects in the field of intelligent industrial trucks.