HELI wins at Anhui Story Sharing Contest for Foreigners!

From June 27 to 28, the final and award ceremony of The 2nd Anhui Story Sharing Contest for Foreigners was held in AHTV. Two of HELI's overseas employees, Daljit Singh and Anna, received the Excellence Award in overseas group. 

Organized by the Anhui provincial government, the contest aims to let the world know more about Anhui's local customs and social development. Since its launch, the contest has attracted nearly 100 expatriates from 46 countries on five continents. From the perspective of foreigners, they warmly shared their real feelings of studying, working and living in Anhui, vividly demonstrating Anhui's profound heritage and development achievements.

HELI has developed rapidly internationally in recent years, recruiting a considerable number of territorial employees in numerous overseas centers. In addition, HELI has very close communication with dealers and customers around the world, and inviting them to visit and study in Anhui, China is a normal measure. As a large enterprise based in the capital of Anhui Province, HELI has done a great job in promoting cross-cultural communication and enhancing the understanding of Anhui and China among expatriates. Previously, HELI was successfully held 2023 HELI Global Distributor Conference. 

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