100+ sets of HELI lithium forklifts arrived in Southeast Asia

Nearly 100 sets of HELI lithium battery forklifts have recently arrived at a customer in Southeast Asia. The customer is a well-known local chemical company, founded in the early 20th century. It’s a century-old company with royal ownership. The company occupies a leading position among the top 100 brands in Asia.

Among the large number of lithium electric forklifts arriving in Southeast Asia, most of them are HELI G3 series 4-5T lithium battery products. These trucks will be widely used in the local cement industry and building materials industry.

HELI li-ion products have the advantages of environmental protection, low noise, maintenance-free, high efficiency and energy saving. The truck has the function of emergency power-off device and automatic cornering deceleration function, the safety level is greatly improved. Lithium battery charging efficiency is extremely high, charging 2 hours to meet the requirements of all-day use. Besides,Lithium batteries are unaffected by not fully charging or regularly operating in a partial charge state. Li-ion battery has a long warranty of 5 years or 10,000 hours. High efficiency brings high cost performance and good ROI.

With the mission of “HELI lifting the future” and “Empower the world”, Heli is focusing on technological innovation and handling industrial development. As the first brand in the Chinese forklift industry, HELI aims to empower the development of China and the world industrial vehicle industry, improving the quality of human life and work.

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